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We are Foreign Lithuanian Students Club (LT: Užsienio lietuvių studentų klubas)

Foreign Lithuanian Students Club (FLSC)—an organization uniting youth of Lithuanian origin who comes to Lithuania with the purpose of studying at an institution of higher education. Club was founded in 2006 by students of foreign Lithuanian origin next to Foreign Lithuanian Support Centre (LT: Užsienio lietuvių rėmimo centras). Club is currently running near Foreign Lithuanians Education Centre (LT: Užsienio lietuvių švietimo centras).


FLSC fosters Lithuanian national values through various educationally informative projects. Club helps students of Lithuanian origin who associate their lives and studies with Lithuania to adapt to a local community, as well as promotes citizenship, students active participation and aspiration for contribution to the welfare of Lithuania.

FLSC organizes trips to places which are historically important to the state of Lithuania, organizes Lithuanian movie nights, volleyball trainings, commemorates historically important dates (patriotic: January 13, February 16, March 11), meets and actively cooperates with foreign Lithuanian students organizations and Lithuanian communities abroad.

FLSC is financially supported by Ministry of Education and Science.


Any student of Lithuanian origin who studies at an institution of higher education in Lithuania can become a member of FLSC. Since club foundation students from 15 different countries (Belarus, Brazil, Estonia, Georgia, Spain, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany) have participated in club activities.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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